The new BRECOroll roller belt

The BRECOroll is a new development in which rollers are integrated into the teeth of the belt.

With this product, BRECO is targeting the application area of material transport technology. Timing belts used for material transport tasks are usually very long. Almost always, the load strand of the belt lies in a support rail that guides the belt laterally and absorbs the weight forces of the workpieces lying on the belt and of the belt itself. This creates friction between the belt and the support rail. Often, a large part of the drive power is used to overcome this self-locking of the system. In the process, the drive is loaded with large forces, generates heat and runs with poor efficiency. Heating the belt lowers its strength - especially that in the V-joint weld - and reduces belt life. Rollers in the belt teeth replace sliding friction with rolling friction, which is much smaller:

While the coefficient of friction between a polyurethane timing belt and a plastic guide rail is rarely less than 0.5 (μ > 0.5), coefficients of friction below 0.2 can be realized with rolling friction (μ < 0.2).

The drive power can be significantly reduced and the self-heating of the system is significantly lower. The small roller diameter, which leads to very high roller speeds, and the Hertzian surface pressures between the rollers and the support rail limit the maximum speed and load capacity.

The BRECOroll can be used up to speeds of 1 m/s and - in relation to the belt back surface - up to area loads of max. 0.03 MPa. The recommendation is 3 kg per roll.
However, these limits are completely sufficient for most material transport tasks in automated manufacturing processes. The installation space required for the axle and the pulley can only be accommodated in a large belt tooth with 20 mm pitch. The T profile is more suitable for this application than, for example, the AT profile, because the AT rests with the tooth head of the belt in the pulley when running around the toothed pulley. Integrated rollers would cause a large part of the contact surface to be lost. To ensure tilt-free running, two rows of rollers are required across the belt width.
For the three reasons mentioned above, the BRECOroll is only available in the 100 T20 pitch. In the meantime, the European patent EP 3 147 239 and the US patent US 9,643,788 have been granted for the BRECOroll. All tests were successfully completed in 2019. The belt is available immediately as a V-belt. Back coatings are possible.

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